Instagramming LA

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads.

Continuing the Instagram series, I visited LA for the first time earlier this summer, and had a great time discovering the city. I’ll be posting from my current location – Vietnam – in just a little while. But first, a few shots from that week in LA…

Flight from NY to LAX.

Venice Beach during the golden hour.

Funny “witch” house, perfect timing as I was there during halloween!

Even the address matched the house design.

First time trying In-n-out burger. I’m celiac so I had a burger protein-style, with lettuce instead of a bun.

Chandelier from the LA Union Station train station.

Beaches: something I did not have growing up in Montreal.

Tacos with friends.

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Top 5 Longreads about Food in 2012

Longreads has rounded up its picks – in fiction and non-fiction – for the best of 2012, and there are some wonderful picks here. If you’re looking for some picks for a lazy Sunday, it’s a great start!

Since I write primarily about noms, however, here are my picks for the best food reads from the last year.


1. ”The Cosmopolitan Condiment,” Dan Jurafsky, Slate 

You’ll never look at a bottle the same way again once you read this great piece. 

2. “Adjika: Sauce of Glory, Pride of Abhazia,” Oliver Bullough, Roads & Kingdoms 

Adjika holds a special place in my heart, having brightened up many a meal and been a source of great conversation on the road. Worth a read for anyone who likes food and travel.

3. “Manufacturing Taste,” Sasha Chapman, The Walrus

As a Canadian, I grew up referring to Kraft Macaroni & Cheese as “KD”, and had no idea this was not a worldwide phenomenon until midway through 2010, and I was appalled to hear that my American friends did not adopt this affectionate nickname. :)

4. “Bread of Beirut,” Annia Ciezadlo, Granta

A beautiful piece about communal bakeries in the Middle East and how these centuries-old traditions become new again during times of war. 

5. “A Fish Story,” Alison Fairbrother, The Washington Monthly

A must-read about a tiny silvery fish called the menhaden and how crucial it is to the ecosystem of our oceans. 

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Celebrating the 2013 New Year in New York or Las Vegas? 

If you’re ringing in 2013 in New York or Las Vegas, there’s plenty to do after the clock turns 12. Here are ideas on how to welcome 2013. 

New York

There’s nothing that says “Happy New Year” like watching the ball drop in NYC’s famed Times Square—the iconic event has lured visitors from around the world since 1908. Once the calendar turns though, exploring some of the cultural offerings in the East Village should be at the top of your to-do list. Chefs have made this neighborhood a foodie haven with award-winning restaurants like Momofuku Noodle BarMilk Bar, and Terroir Wine Bar. At night, enjoy a cocktail at Amor y Amargo, and then continue to relish the East Village scene at late-night Polish delis around Tompkins Square Park.

Las Vegas

Ringing in the New Year at the Cosmopolitan or ARIA will certainly be glamorous. But when you’re done partying at the casinos and clubs, ditch the strip and get back in touch with Mother Nature. Head to the Summerlin/Red Rocks area, a part of Vegas that stuns visitors with breathtaking views of mountains. Though it’ll be cold, hiking Red Rock National Conservation Area is certainly a great way to start 2013.

Celebrating in New Orleans, San Diego, or Chicago? Get the full scoop reading “Where to Spend New Year’s Eve (and What to See the Next Day)” on Daily Muse.

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