5 Must-Visit Destinations on the French Riviera

When you think of France, you might think of historic sights and hotels in big cities like Paris. However, there’s another part of France that’s also worth visiting. The French Riviera has long been known as one of the most… Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Sometimes things in life don’t go according to plan, and traveling is no exception. With the right attitude, and great travel insurance, you can rest assured that your trip will still be a memorable one. Travel insurance helps protect more… Continue Reading →

Festivals, Fun, and Foolery in New Orleans

It’s amazing how many people visit this culturally-rich city, never venture past Bourbon Street, and go home thinking they’ve been to New Orleans. The problem: the Crescent City is so old and so diverse that it’s difficult to cram in… Continue Reading →

Hacking Your Hotel Room Coffee

Coffee pots are a standard hotel room appliance, but the phrase “hotel room coffee” doesn’t usually conjure up images of the perfect cup. For caffeine junkies on the road, however, using that questionable pot becomes inevitable. Luckily, it’s easy to… Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Experience Toronto’s Lakeshore

After long days of sightseeing around Toronto, it’s common to get that old “need a vacation from the vacation” feeling. Fortunately, you can take a respite without leaving the city. Escape the crowded downtown core with a mini getaway to… Continue Reading →

The 6 Most Affordable Beach Vacations for This Summer

For the landlocked, a trip to the ocean often requires lengthy travel, accommodation, car rental, and even beach costs. It can add up rather quickly, but we’ve taken all those factors into account and found some lesser known and incredibly… Continue Reading →

Trip Planning 101

Well, it is official, Hipmunk has launched its most innovative feature yet, Trip Planning. With Hipmunk’s easy to use planning features, you can now save, manage and access your upcoming trips! So lets get planning. First run a flight or hotel… Continue Reading →

Visiting the Caribbean on the Cheap: The Top 8 Budget Tips

Think of the Caribbean, and palm trees, white sand, and crystal waters probably come to mind. While it’s often considered a dream destination, jetting off to an island paradise can quickly get pricey. Yet the Caribbean is becoming much more… Continue Reading →

8 Ways to A Painless Long Flight

Whether flying for pleasure to Bangkok or taking a regular business trip to Sydney, the long term flight can be hard on the body, mind, and soul. Though the thrill of adventure might keep things interesting for the first few… Continue Reading →

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