The Hipmunk is popular with the chipmunks, but its true love is taking the agony out of travel. So this year the Hipmunk is playing matchmaker. It’s paw-selecting the perfect romantic hotels for you to take your special someone (or that date your swiped right for on Tinder) this Valentine’s Day weekend.


For city lovers: Pod 51, NY

For nightlife lovers: The Conrad, Miami, FL

For skibunnys: The Inn at Jackson Hole, Jackson Hole, WY

For wine addicts: The Meritage, Napa, CA

For the star struck: The Standard Downtown, Los Angeles, CA


The Hipmunk is spending its Valentine’s Day with its favorite dinner of fried acorns and garlic aioli. Then a short hibernation–matchmaking is hard work! Until the next installment of Hipmunk Tails, go explore!