New: Flexible Date Searching for Flights

Since launching Hipmunk flight search, one of our most-requested features has been the ability to search across multiple days. Now you can!

On the Search Page


On the front page, you’ll see two new buttons in each date field. These let you indicate how you’re flexible. For example, clicking the + button once means you’re willing to leave up to a day later. Clicking the + button again means you’re willing to leave up to two days later.

Prefer to use the keyboard? You can type directly into the date fields instead of clicking the buttons. For example:

  • +2 means you’re willing to leave up to two days later
  • -1 means you’re willing to leave up to a day earlier
  • +-1 means you’re willing to leave up to a day earlier or later.

If you’re ever uncertain, just look at the calendar. As you click or type, the calendar updates to show which dates you’re willing to depart and return.

On the Results Page


On the results page, you’ll see all the flights—for all days—listed on a single page. We place vertical lines to represent midnights (in your departure timezone). This makes it easy to get a high-level idea of what time of day flights are, and to see which flights are overnight.


As always, if you have time constraints, you can use our time sliders. But with flexible day searching, your time range can specify multiple days. So in the example above, you can show only flights that leave San Francisco after 2:10 PM on June 3, and arrive in Boston before 6:40 PM on June 4. This makes it easy to compare red-eyes on Jun 3 to early-morning flights on June 4, for example.


Finally, if you decide you only want to look at a single day’s flights, just click a particular date instead of “All Days.” The results will update instantly to the standard Hipmunk view for that day, all without having to run a new search.

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