One reason why Hong Kong’s airport puts anything in the States to shame

I love efficiency. Maybe it’s my German blood, but anything that saves me time makes me feel like putting on some Lederhosen¬†and dancing.

So imagine how excited I was to find this upon arriving at the Kowloon train station, which would put me on the Airport Express all the way to Hong Kong International Airport [HKG].

It’s like a lot of other direct trains to the airport, only you can check your bags from the train station. I checked my flight departure time on the giant overhead board and proceeded to check-in right there.

My checked luggage was on its way and I enjoyed an unencumbered and brief walk to the train, which arrived shortly.

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The ride was quick, under 20minutes, and all for just HK$90 (~US$11.60) one-way. Knowing my bag was at this point now magically being transported all the way through to Laos without a second thought on my part filled me with glee.

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Take notes, JFK. I’d just love a train to get to you from downtown — is that asking so much? SFO is almost there with the BART, at least…

Any other airports make you envious, hipmunks? Let us know in the comments!

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