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6 Hotels That Give You Great Club Access

Sometimes you just want to dance. And sometimes you just want an epic night out without, well, actually having to go out. These hotels make it easy to enjoy a top notch clubbing experience without venturing far from the comfort… Continue Reading →

8 Hotels That Are Excellent for Last Minute Booking

Sometimes, it’s not the early bird that catches the worm–it’s the late one! The days of super advanced booking are over, which is great for travelers who prefer spontaneity over early planning. Many hotels offer generous deals for day before… Continue Reading →

A Guide To Newark, NJ: The City With Iberian-Influenced Urban Appeal

Recognized for its close proximity to New York City and known as the “Gateway to New Jersey,” Newark is often overlooked in favor of Goliath-like Manhattan and destinations along the Hudson River, such as Hoboken. However, the city is the… Continue Reading →

The Most Pet-Friendly Destinations in America

Hipmunk Releases Pet-Friendly Hotels Index Traveling, in itself, can be stressful. But traveling with a pet adds an extra dimension of complexities and costs: Will your furry companion be able to join you on the airplane, or will he be… Continue Reading →

4 Must Do Adventures In Lake Tahoe

With summer in full-effect, why not head to the mountains for fresh air, a dip in the lake and some amazing outdoor adventures? The crystal blue water of Lake Tahoe covers approximately 192 square miles offering plenty of space for paddling,… Continue Reading →

5 Things Successful Leaders Do Before Traveling

By: Fiona Moriarty In my work at Hipmunk, I’ve observed a lot of would-be travelers—and I’ve noticed some patterns among those who identify as leaders. Great leaders, it seems, prioritize leadership qualities in all aspects of their lives. They uphold… Continue Reading →

On the Power of Interacting with Other Cultures

In this day and age, the world starts right at the ends of our fingertips. With just a click of our mouse, we can learn about the traditions of Indonesian cooking, the wedding practices of southern India, the annual rates… Continue Reading →

The 5 Hotels that Nail Vegan Eating

With increased demand for healthier options, more and more hotels are putting vegan choices front and center (finally!). From hotels that keep sustainability in mind, to those that prioritize easy access to vegan-friendly meals (free of any animal products), we’ve… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Every Foodie Should Visit Minneapolis/St. Paul

One of the Midwest’s truly global economic centers, Minneapolis/St. Paul gives travelers two amazing destinations right next door to each other. And the area’s urban boom has spawned new waves of breweries, butchers, and eateries great for locals and tourists… Continue Reading →

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