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America Tops Hipmunk’s Hotels With Free Breakfast Index

By:  Hipmunk Staff There is something about free food that makes it taste better. Whether it’s a gratis sample at the supermarket or a snack from the office’s pantry, not having to pay for an edible morsel has a special… Continue Reading →

Happy National Ice Cream Day! Try These 7 Ice Cream Treats from Around the World

Happy National Ice Cream Day! Situated squarely in the hottest part of summer, Ice Cream Day is a day to celebrate the icy and decadent dessert that helps us all to beat the heat. But, before you run to your… Continue Reading →

The 4 Best Places In The U.S. For Surfing (And Where to Stay)

There is no more rejuvenating balance than that of salt and sun. Find movement and relaxation on a surf vacation, without the hassle of leaving the country. Whether you’re looking for an iconic classic, or interested in diverging from the… Continue Reading →

The Top 7 Family Trips And Outdoor Adventures

When planning family trips, it’s best to keep kids busy with activities from crafting and music lessons to hiking and swimming. (No one wants to hear, “Mom, I’m bored” while lounging beach side with a cocktail in hand.) Travel is one of… Continue Reading →

How to Breeze Through Customs and Help Save the Planet

Eating an orange in Valencia, Spain is an experience like nothing else. It’s tempting to try and bring one or two of these sweet, juicy globes home to share with family and friends. Attempt it, however, and customs agents at… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Pets

Considering canines long ago earned the title of “man’s best friend,” it’s unsurprising so many people want to bring them along when they hop town for vacation. The same goes for cats, which add soothing purring sounds and lots of… Continue Reading →

6 Hours For Business Travelers In San Antonio

While San Antonio, Texas, is an excellent tourist destination known for the historic Battle of the Alamo and its picturesque River Walk, the city is also an established center for business. The Alamo City often plays host to meetings and… Continue Reading →

In the Footsteps of a Saint: Climbing Ireland’s Croagh Patrick

By: Fiona Moriarty When Saint Patrick climbed to the top of Ireland’s holiest mountain, he sat on its peak and fasted for forty days. Before coming back down, he banished all serpents from the emerald isle. Thousands of years later,… Continue Reading →

What Every Traveler Needs to Know About Duty-Free Shopping

Vacations may be for the light of heart, but duty-free shopping is serious business. In 2013, sales at airport duty-free shops alone grossed more than $34 billion. Since the first duty-free shop (a liquor counter) opened at the London Airport in 1959,… Continue Reading →

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