Hipmunk Billboard Rises Above San Francisco

As a startup, we love supporting our fellow startup brethren. So when we decided to experiment with some outdoor advertising, we called up NYC-based startup, ADstruc who is taking the agony out of outdoor advertising. 

ADstruc, the technology platform for the outdoor advertising industry, makes buying and selling ad space easier and faster for both sides. 

With a limited advertising budget, we worked one-on-one with CEO John Laramie (a title you don’t always get access to when working with a big company), who offered up awesome advice and responded to all of our silly questions really quickly. Our fantastic graphic designer, Shaun Sanders, helped us with the creative for the advertising, and John found us a perfect billboard spot here in San Francisco. The whole process was seamless and efficient. 

You can see the finished product  when you look up and to the right where 101 and 280 join when heading south from San Francisco toward SFO Airport. Here’s a pic:

So far we’ve gotten some great Facebook posts and Tweets about it too.

Have you seen the billboard? Give us a shout when you see it, and tell us what you think! 

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PDX got hipmunked

Let us know if you find yourself running low on power in PDX (Portland International Airport) and spy a hipmunk-branded “power tower” (those marvelous towers where you can recharge your electronics). The hipmunk is always just a tweet away.

In true hipmunk fashion, we wanted to do something exceptional. There are three sides on each “power tower” and each side features a different Oregonian attraction within driving distance of PDX: Haystack RockPortland Japanese Garden, and Multnomah Falls.

Hipmunk PDX Power Tower 1 Hipmunk Power Tower 2 Hipmunk Power Tower 3

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