New: Find Flights that Have Wi-Fi!

At Hipmunk, we’re travel nerds, but we’re also nerd nerds. That means we like the Internet, especially on our flights.

We’ve heard that many of you like wi-fi on your planes, too—either when you’re traveling for work or when you just need some quality Facebook time. So we decided to build wi-fi right into our flight search results.

If an airline indicates a flight will have wi-fi, we show it to you right in that flight’s time bar. You can then easily see whether you’ll have wi-fi available for all, some, or none of your trip. No need to click!

Keep an eye out for this feature out our iPhone and iPad app in the future, too.

To make things even more exciting, we’re teaming up with Gogo in-flight Internet and will be giving away about 100 codes for free wi-fi in the sky. Check us out on Twitter and Facebook, where we’ll be asking our fans and followers how they surf the web 35,000 feet in the air. Tell us at any point this week and be entered for your chance to win free wireless, courtesy of Hipmunk and Gogo.

Now let’s hear from you. How much do you care about whether your flight has wi-fi?

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New: Hipmunk iPad App!

A few months ago we released an iPhone app to make it easier to find flights while you’re on the go. People loved it, but they kept requesting an iPad version too. When we asked why, the conversation usually went like this: “the iPhone is great when you’re on the subway or in a meeting,” they said, “but an iPad version would be better when you’re luxuriating on the sofa or toilet seat.”

So today we have some good news: we’ve got a free Hipmunk iPad app for finding flights! What’s more, it’s a “universal” app, which means the app runs on both the iPad and the iPhone, and automatically displays the appropriate version for each device.

The features you know and love from the iPhone are still there, including the ability to email booking links to friends and to re-run recent searches.

But because it’s on an iPad, there’s a lot more space, which means you can see more flight options at once. And when you tap a flight result, you now see all the details on the screen at once, including layover times and airports.

Perhaps the coolest thing: the iPad app now has our famous sliders, which make it easy to filter your flight results by time of day.

Let us know what you think!

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Hipmunk Hotels

Today’s a big day for Hipmunk: we’re now searching hotels. We’ve designed our hotel search around one basic premise: to find you a good deal in a good location.


Hipmunk helps you find the interesting parts of a city and see which hotels are nearby. Our hotel search is built around a big map. We display dots for each place in the city that has a hotel—and if there are multiple hotels close together, we group them into a single dot so the map doesn’t get too cluttered.


It gets better, too: you can turn on info overlays to see where stuff in a city happens. We’ve got overlays for nightlife and food, shopping and tourism, and even “vice.” (Thanks, SimpleGeo!) That way, you can be sure you’re getting a hotel in an area that meets your definition of excitement.


Hipmunk helps you understand what’s reasonable to pay. We color hotel prices based on whether they’re cheap, average, or pricey relative to average in the city you’re searching in. And on the map, we color hotels’ dots by price, so you can see where the cheap and expensive parts of town are.

Hipmunk has rankings you can trust. We rank our results by “ecstasy” by default, a combination of price, amenities, and Yelp reviews. This is distinct from other sites, which accept payment from hotels to rank higher in search results. If you’d prefer, you can instantly re-sort by price or user reviews.

We don’t just search hotels. In addition, we include results from Airbnb, allowing you to compare space that people are renting out in their own homes and apartments to nearby hotels.

There are a bunch of other things we’ve done, too. For one, you can open a hotel search in a tab right in the same window a flight search. For another, you can restrict hotels by the amenities they have—and see how many hotels you’d be cutting out by doing so. And if you zoom into a particular part of a city, we shrink results for the rest so you can focus in on what you’re looking for.

This is just a taste of what we’ve got in store, and there’ll be more coming soon. In the meantime, please share your thoughts below!

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