Hipmunk had a great week thanks to you: @NYTimes article, appearance on @MarketingTWI, lots of infographic love, and a meeting with a U.S. Ambassador!

What a week we had! A New York Times article on Thursday about the search for better airfares was very kind to our aviator chipmunk, giving hipmunk.com a great nod as a standout travel search engine. Our co-founder Adam Goldstein even got the last word about what sets hipmunk apart from the rest. Hipmunk, a new…

Hipmunk.com gets a fabulous SCOTTEVEST shoutout (Thank you!)

The best way to explain Hipmunk.com is to say that their site is just as useful to travelers as their mascot is cute.  Another way to explain it is to say that their site will help you organize and book your flight as easily as SCOTTEVEST helps you organize your stuff and get through airport security.…

The risk of using hipmunk.com

Here at hipmunk, we’re doing everything we can to take the agony out of flight search, because we’re travelers ourselves and want to make all of your lives a little easier. There are more fun things to do (like reading reddit!) than search for airplane tickets. This was sent my way via facebook today and…

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