Bacon successful! We’ve bought a 1yr subscription to the Bacon of the Month Club for a happy hipmunk’s dad


Our Mother’s Day twitter giveaway went splendidly, so we tried it again on facebook to celebrate one rad dad on Father’s Day . By the end of the day, the community had chosen a winner with “likes.”


Thanks to all of you for participating! You’ve got a lot to be thankful for this Father’s Day weekend. And to you, Danielle, I hope your dad enjoys his year-long supply of bacon in return for exposing you to the magic of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

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We have a winner! Congrats to @bigmikesphoto for the winning tweet

Last week’s twitter contest had a ton of submissions. It seems a lot of you were excited to win $500 Fly Bucks to travel on @flyfrontier as we celebrated our partnership. It wasn’t easy, but here’s the winning tweet:

The @flyfrontier destination I want to visit most is Alaska @thehipmunk, because I want to shoot a polar bear (with my camera!)

Congratulations, Mike! We hope you get to shoot your polar bear (from a safe distance).

Send us the picture, OK?

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We think your Dad is rad and will give him a year of bacon to prove it

We celebrated hipmunk moms on Mother’s Day, so we obviously were going to do the same for dads on Father’s Day.

Instead of using twitter, we’re trying a little site called facebook.

All you’ve got to do is tell us why you love your father more than hipmunk and if it’s got the most “likes” by 8pm eastern today (June 17, 2011), we’ll buy your dad a year-long membership to the Bacon of the Month Club.

(If he doesn’t eat bacon, we’ll get him a $100 worth of hummus or some other food he loves.)

And we’ll make sure to keep this our little secret, so there’ll be no sign of hipmunk anywhere on the Father’s Day gift.

Click here to enter and feel free to tell your friends and family about your declaration — your dad deserves it!

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