The Tab Bar (Hipmunk Power User Series, Part 2)

Unless you know exactly where and when you’re traveling, you probably do several searches before you book your flight. We know, since we do too.

Other flight search sites make this hard. You either have to change your search—and lose all your existing results—or you have to open a bunch of different windows or tabs, cluttering up your browser.

That’s why we’ve designed Hipmunk to let you keep all your searches in a single window, using the tab bar at the top:

Screen_shot_2010-09-22_at_11 To run an extra search, just click the “new search” tab. Hipmunk remembers the parameters of your last search, so you can easily tweak them to explore more options. You can even open new searches before the previous ones have finished running!

New: Multi-City Searching, Autocomplete, and Glanceable Times

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and are happy to announce three much-requested features.

Multi-City Searching

If you’re going multiple places on your next trip, Hipmunk can help you find what you’re looking for. We’ve added a multi-city feature to our search page, shown here:


You can browse multi-city results the same way you’ve always browsed round-trips, with separate buttons for each leg of your trip:




Our next new feature: as soon as you start typing in the name of a city or airport, you’ll get a clickable autocomplete list:


If you like to use your keyboard instead of your mouse, you can navigate the autocomplete list entirely with your arrow keys and the Enter button. (And if you don’t want to select anything from the autocomplete list, just hit Tab to jump to the next field.)

Glanceable Times

Finally, we’ve made it incredibly easy to see the exact departure and arrival time of your flight. Just hover your mouse over the flight:



For full details on the flight, just click it.

Like what we’ve done, or have any suggestions to make things better? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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