We have a winner! Congrats to @bigmikesphoto for the winning tweet

Last week’s twitter contest had a ton of submissions. It seems a lot of you were excited to win $500 Fly Bucks to travel on @flyfrontier as we celebrated our partnership. It wasn’t easy, but here’s the winning tweet:

The @flyfrontier destination I want to visit most is Alaska @thehipmunk, because I want to shoot a polar bear (with my camera!)

Congratulations, Mike! We hope you get to shoot your polar bear (from a safe distance).

Send us the picture, OK?

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So you want a free ticket? Here’s how to win $500 in @flyfrontier Fly Bucks

We’re celebrating our partnership with Frontier Airlines by making one lucky hipmunk $500 Fly Bucks richer. You’ve got 24 hours to tweet the following (and we’ll pick our favorite).

The @flyfrontier destination I want to visit most is [fill in the blank] @thehipmunk, because

And then use the remaining characters to tell us why. We’ll announce the winner here on the blog on Friday, June 17!

Happy tweeting! For the official rules, click here.


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Frontier Celebrates Hipmunk Partnership by Giving Away $500 Fly Bucks Card

We recently partnered with Frontier Airlines, so you can now search flights on Hipmunk and book your Frontier flight directly through their website. When you book through, you’ll always get the lowest price on their flights—and you can manage your travel directly instead of dealing with a third party.

To celebrate our partnership, we’re giving one lucky winner a $500 Frontier Fly Bucks card to be used towards Frontier Airlines flights. At some point this week, we will tweet a *very important* question (hint: it’ll be obvious, but just to be safe, you ought to respond to all of our tweeted questions) via @thehipmunk. To participate, all you need to do is tell us, and Frontier (@flyfrontier), your response. We’ll give you 24 hours to respond and will select one of the people who responded as the winner.

We’ll tweet out plenty of hints as to when we’ll ask the question, but make sure to keep an eye on @flyfrontier and @thehipmunk. Make sure to tell your friends and retweet, so if your friends win, you can guilt them into taking you on a trip :)

Love legalese? For the official rules, click here.

Good luck!

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