Overhead Compartment Cat is Watching You Secretly Read Your Kindle During Takeoff

We love our pets. Shaun did a tremendous amount of research for our definitive pet travel guide and pet travel safety infographic. During it, he found this interesting story:

On December 28, 2006 passenger checked a cat in a kennel on Lufthansa Airlines from Manchester England to Munich with a connection to United’s flight 903 to Washington Dulles. On arrival in Dulles the kennel door was ajar and the kennel was empty. The aircraft hold was checked as was adjoining areas of the aircraft. Further attempts to locate the cat on the airport grounds were ongoing. The cat was discovered on the same aircraft, on January 16, 2007 in Denver. The cat was immediately taken to a veterinarian hospital where she was treated for dehydration and released and delivered to the owner.

… which inspired the above. Happy Tuesday. And remember — pet travel is still statistically safer than using a toilet! 

What would you do if you saw this happen on a flight? Let us know in the comments.

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The Difference Between Americans and Europeans

Our biz dev extraordinaire, Joe Gambescia, attended a conference where he heard Timothy O’Neil-Dunne say something so on the mark that we couldn’t help but immortalize it in pixels.

When it comes to travel – especially vacations – Americans make decisions based on being time poor and money rich, whereas Europeans make decisions based on being time rich and money poor.

This is a big generalization, but have any of you in the travel industry seen evidence either for or against this observation? We’d love to hear it in the comments!

Here it is in high-rez goodness, suitable for printing & putting on your wall.

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Shiny! See (in color) how the Statue of Liberty originally looked

I’m in love with the Statue of Liberty - the Roman goddess of freedom, Libertas. A gift from France, built in 1886, she’s the symbol of a city I love and has a beautiful green patina. But remember, her copper skin didn’t always look like this — it first looked more like a penny.

Shaun helped us visualize how her 151ft of majestic copper would look when they first put her on display back in 1886. Pretty awesome, right?

Give me your tired, your poor
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free

And yes, this is a photograph of the real Statue of Liberty, not the mini one in Las Vegas that tricked the USPS.

Update from our comments!

tudza points out: Snopes cites an article that has the statue going through a black color phase on the way to green:

Here’s another bit of info:

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