Hey, @RichardBranson, we fixed that for you :)

A couple days ago, Florence noticed the fabulous photo from the announcement of the renaming of Virgin Blue to Virgin Australia.

We dropped @RichardBranson a tweet, complimenting on the great pose they all chose.

Then Shaun went a little bit further.


Your move, Sir Richard Branson. We love your style. Here’s the standalone image in case you want to frame it for your desk.


Repurposing the now-defunct Terror Alert Level [pics]

Like many Americans, we were never too sure how to act during the different color-coded threat levels of the Homeland Security Advisory System now being phased out by April 27th. They’ve become such a common sight at airports, though, that we figured we’d come up with some new ways to repurpose the old signs.

As always, we turned to the master of infographics and really amusing photoshops, Shaun Sanders. Enjoy!


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