Off To Grandmother’s House You Go…

We’re on day three of our Thanksgiving flight giveaway and we’re excited to hopefully make one more person and their family’s holiday. 

Today’s winner of the third free flight home for Thanksgiving is….

Alexiss Dawn of Salt Lake City, UT! She sent us this tweet:

Congrats, Alexiss! Glad we can help you spend quality time (and puzzle time) with your Grandmother and sixteen other family members :) We’ll shoot you a note and get your ticket booked asap.

For everyone else, don’t miss out! Enter by telling us in ten words or less why you want to go home for Thanksgiving. You can leave a comment on the blog, Facebooktweet at us, or email Andrea (at) hipmunk (dot) com. You’ve got two more chances to win on Monday and Tuesday of next week! 

Good luck!


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We’re Flying Someone Home for Thanksgiving…

First off, thank you so much for all the amazing, thoughtful, and inspiring words you sent us about why you want to be with your family, friends, and loved ones on Thanksgiving. While we wish we could fly all you of you home for the holidays, what we CAN do is fly five of you home—and we’re psyched about that!

So, the winner of the first ticket is…

Drum roll please….

Eric Vanderschaaf of Dallas, TX!! Here’s his winning tweet:

Congrats, Eric, and we’re so happy we can get you home to see your grandfather. We’ll shoot you a note and get your ticket booked today!

For the rest of you, you can still enter to win! In ten words or less, tell us why you want to go home for Thanksgiving. You can leave a comment on the blog, Facebook, tweet at us, or email Andrea (at) hipmunk (dot) com. We’ll pick another winner tomorrow, Friday, and Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Good luck!


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How Badly Do You Want A Free Flight Home for Thanksgiving?

With oil prices rising and airline capacity decreasing, Thanksgiving airfare is only on the up and up. Coincidentally, one of the few times a year when we should be nowhere other than with friends, family, and loved ones, airfare increases so much. It’s not reasonable that everyone can afford a flight home, and for those of you nodding your heads, we hear your frustration.

So, we are going to give away five roundtrip tickets to get five lucky people home for Thanksgiving. To enter, all you need to do is tell us in 10 words or less why you (or your son in college or your best friend across the country or your long-distance girlfriend) really want to be home this Thanksgiving.

Whether it’s because your sister is on tap to make the pumpkin pie, nothing could top your grandma’s mashed potatoes, or because it’s all about the family football game in the yard, we want to hear why you and your loved ones need to be together. 

 There are four ways you can enter this:

  • Leave your 10 words in a comment on this blog post (along with your email address, which will stay hidden to everyone but us)
  • Post your 10 words in a comment on our Facebook page
  • Tweet your 10 words and make sure to include @thehipmunk in the tweet
  • Send an email to andrea (at) hipmunk (dot) com 

Starting on November 16, we’ll chose one person each weekday until Nov 22 and cover the cost to fly them home for Thanksgiving. (Sorry, for US residents flying within the US only). We’ll give you a personal shout out on the blog, but if we don’t hear back from you by 11:59pm PT that night, we’ll have to give your ticket to someone else. So tune in every day to see if you’re the winner!

And, if you’re not one of the lucky winners, we have some really amazing gifts that’ll help take the agony out of Thanksgiving at and away from home. 

- Jacqueline

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