This Mother’s Day, Give the Gift of Travel

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be exciting, annoying, frustrating, or downright difficult – especially when that person happens to be your mother. Countless times we’ve given our mothers a day at the spa, flowers or a framed photo. While the gifts are always appreciated, they just don’t seem to convey exactly how much we love our moms. What is the perfect gift that can show mom just how much we love and appreciate her? We say travel.

Giving the gift of travel is actually gifting someone with a unique and memorable experience. Whether a trip to Paris, New York or Hawaii, each holds the possibility for memories to be made that are guaranteed to be cherished. Seeing a gorgeous sunset in Bora Bora or eating the best gelato in Rome are some of the types of memories that we fondly remember when we speak about our travels. Giving someone the opportunity to experience a new city or country is a gift that quite doesn’t compare to a dozen roses. But what may even be better than sending your mom on a relaxing beach vacation, is actually going on a trip with her.

We think that giving the gift of travel is overlooked. We can all get caught up in our day to day, and when the moment comes, it’s easier to send a bouquet of flowers than it is to plan a memorable trip for that special woman in your life. But we challenge you to think about giving travel. To help inspire you,  some of our Facebook fans shared with us how they have  given the gift of travel to their mothers.

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So this Mother’s Day, we encourage you to think about giving the gift of travel – whether a weekend getaway or a two week safari – we’re certain this gift won’t compare with others.




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Give the Gift of Hipmunk

Bells are ringing, lights are twinkling, fingers are freezing, and warm hot cocoa has never tasted so good. The holidays are rapidly approaching, but finding the *perfect* gift for all your special someones can be agonizing. Welp, we’re here to ease some of that pain and help check a name off your shopping list.
Tell us who you think needs some extra TLC this holiday season (and who you want to check off your list), and we will surprise them with a Hipmunk holiday care package.
From your college roommate (the Hipmunk fanatic) to your best friend (impossible to shop for) to your aunt (needs a new travel site), you tell us who should receive the ‘Munk, and we’ll make it happen for our lucky winners.
The deets:
Tell us why your special someone needs some Hipmunk love this season, in one of four ways:
  • leave a cheery comment on this blog post, 
  • joyfully tweet your tale
  • put a merry message on our Facebook wall
  • or send a neat little note to andrea [at] hipmunk [dot] com.  
Each day this week and next, we will select three of the people nominated to receive the gift of Hipmunk. If you’re a winner, we will send you a DM, FB message, or email to get your friend’s mailing address, and they’ll soon receive a merry surprise in the mail! It’s that easy.
We’ll be drawing from the same pool each day, so you’ll get more chances to win and can enter as often as you’d like. Enter multiple friends as well, and you might just be the best gift giver on the block!
- Andrea

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Off To Grandmother’s House You Go…

We’re on day three of our Thanksgiving flight giveaway and we’re excited to hopefully make one more person and their family’s holiday. 

Today’s winner of the third free flight home for Thanksgiving is….

Alexiss Dawn of Salt Lake City, UT! She sent us this tweet:

Congrats, Alexiss! Glad we can help you spend quality time (and puzzle time) with your Grandmother and sixteen other family members :) We’ll shoot you a note and get your ticket booked asap.

For everyone else, don’t miss out! Enter by telling us in ten words or less why you want to go home for Thanksgiving. You can leave a comment on the blog, Facebooktweet at us, or email Andrea (at) hipmunk (dot) com. You’ve got two more chances to win on Monday and Tuesday of next week! 

Good luck!


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