5 Exotic Islands You Must See Before You Die

When you want to get away from everyday life, there is no better place to visit than an island — somewhere surrounded by water, offering an idyllic, natural escape. There are some island destinations that many tourists visit every year,… Continue Reading →

5 Shark Diving Locations That Won’t Cost an Arm and Leg

By: Hipmunk Staff It’s no secret that sharks fascinate Americans. If the immense popularity of SyFy’s cult-status Sharknado franchise isn’t enough to convince you (the third installment of the sci-fi action comedy premieres July 22), then perhaps this will: This year marks… Continue Reading →

How to Guide: Getting Around Prague Using Public Transport

Visiting Prague using public transportation is a breeze. Approximately two-thirds of the population of the city relies on the public transit system, which consists of buses, trams and the metro. For a nominal fee, you can travel all over the… Continue Reading →

6 Hotels That Give You Great Club Access

Sometimes you just want to dance. And sometimes you just want an epic night out without, well, actually having to go out. These hotels make it easy to enjoy a top notch clubbing experience without venturing far from the comfort… Continue Reading →

8 Hotels That Are Excellent for Last Minute Booking

Sometimes, it’s not the early bird that catches the worm–it’s the late one! The days of super advanced booking are over, which is great for travelers who prefer spontaneity over early planning. Many hotels offer generous deals for day before… Continue Reading →

The 5 Hotels that Nail Vegan Eating

With increased demand for healthier options, more and more hotels are putting vegan choices front and center (finally!). From hotels that keep sustainability in mind, to those that prioritize easy access to vegan-friendly meals (free of any animal products), we’ve… Continue Reading →

Shampoo and Conditioner? We Rounded Up The Hotels that Carry the Best Toiletries

Many hotel chains are now turning their backs on the bland and boring toiletries of days past. In their efforts to provide singular experiences of ever-increasing luxury, they have paired with well-known cosmetic companies and high-end beauty lines, creating bespoke… Continue Reading →

Visiting The Caribbean On The Cheap: The Top Eight Budget Tips

Think of the Caribbean: palm trees, white sand, and crystal waters probably come to mind. While it’s often considered a dream destination, jetting off to an island paradise can quickly get pricey. Yet the Caribbean is becoming much more accessible,… Continue Reading →

These 5 Hotels Are Using Apple Watch Tech to Reinvent Check-in

With the Apple Watch only recently hitting the market, the full potential of the technology has yet to be tapped. But as developers have more time to explore its possibilities, the convenience, versatility, and clarity of the Watch interface will… Continue Reading →

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