NYC Outdoor Summer Movies, All in One Place.

This is a Hipmunk guest post from Jodi Ettenberg


View from my old apartment in NY.

A simple service post for those Hipmunks based in or planning to visit New York City during the coming months: here’s where to find the schedule of all the summer movies being screened in the city: NYC Summer Movies.

I’m from Montreal but I lived in New York for several years, and always found out about upcoming outdoor screenings too late, leaving me scrambling to get there. No longer! It’s all on one handy page, with links to each of the locations during the summer movie series.

(h/t Kottke, by @matthewhowell)

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Lies New Yorkers Tell Tourists


Inspired by yesterday’s #Londonliesfortourists entry, I thought I’d try my hand at a few lies for our tourists here in New York via @thehipmunk:

Times Square is the place where locals go to meet and hangout. #NYliesfortourists

Savvy hipmunks know better than to spend any more time than is absolutely necessary in Times Square.

Yesterday’s writeup was a hit on the nyc reddit community, where I proposed we crowdsource a few more. Here’s a sampling of the best — read the full thread here:

NYU is well loved by the local community in Greenwich Village, which is why they allow the university to build so much.

This is where King Kong’s body fell in 1933 from the Empire State Building.

Be sure to tell the taxi driver you’re going to Brooklyn before opening the car door. He’ll be super nice. They love crossing the bridge.

if you’re the only one in a subway station late at night you have to hail the subway or it will skip the stop (assuming no one on board has requested a stop).

Giuliani implemented fines for walking too slowly on sidewalks. Unruly children may be taken away by the ACS at the city’s discretion in public spaces. Cabs all go downtown; you have to take the subways back up.

Everywhere except broadway is rife with criminals, like in gangs of new york.

Magnolia bakery is definitely worth the wait.

Subway handles are actually coated with a disinfectant material – it’s simply impossible for germs to stick to them, so don’t worry too much about hygiene after riding the subway.

In fact if you lick them, not only is it safe, they taste of peppermint.

And if you’ve got a few of your own – for either New York or your hometown – please share them in the comments!

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Shiny! See (in color) how the Statue of Liberty originally looked

I’m in love with the Statue of Liberty - the Roman goddess of freedom, Libertas. A gift from France, built in 1886, she’s the symbol of a city I love and has a beautiful green patina. But remember, her copper skin didn’t always look like this — it first looked more like a penny.

Shaun helped us visualize how her 151ft of majestic copper would look when they first put her on display back in 1886. Pretty awesome, right?

Give me your tired, your poor
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free

And yes, this is a photograph of the real Statue of Liberty, not the mini one in Las Vegas that tricked the USPS.

Update from our comments!

tudza points out: Snopes cites an article that has the statue going through a black color phase on the way to green:

Here’s another bit of info:

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