11 Travel Accessories Every Adventurer Needs

The number of travel accessories designed to make life easier on the road just keeps growing. From electronic luggage scales to portable Bluetooth speakers, there are so many things that can come in handy while traveling. Take a look at… Continue Reading →

Showdown: London vs. Paris

From the face of Big Ben to the peak of the Eiffel Tower, some of Europe’s capital cities certainly hold a lot of attraction for tourists. Both London and Paris offer travelers not just some great hotels, they also provide… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Lesser-Known Pastries at Paris Patisseries

By: Contributors from the Let’s Go Team Get in, loser, we‘re going pastry shopping. And no, you’re not allowed to get croissants, pain au chocolats, or baguettes. That’s beginner stuff. Branch out a little bit, get some street cred. Here… Continue Reading →

The World’s 5 Most Unusual Tours & Trips

Tired of your usual vacation and looking for something more adventurous and fun to do? Check out one of these five unusual tours and trips from around the world. 1. IceHotel Jukkasjarvi, Sweden Established in 1989, the IceHotel is one… Continue Reading →

10 things to do in Paris for Free

Paris has a reputation as an expensive city, but you can still enjoy your trip on a budget. Here are 10 free activities in Paris, most within easy reach of the Central Paris hotels. 1. Find a free museum Many… Continue Reading →

Backpacking in a New Area: What Every Traveler Should Know

Adventure, intrigue and freedom are just a few words used to describe the experience of backpacking in a new area. Backpacking offers the luxury of traveling without bulky rolling luggage and provides an efficient way to pare everything you are… Continue Reading →

Beyond the Eiffel Tower: 5 Lesser-Known Paris Destinations

Although the beautiful Eiffel Tower is a can’t-miss Paris destination, don’t let your trip stop there. We’ve compiled a list of five of the best lesser-known Paris attractions to help you see all that the City of Love has to… Continue Reading →

Street Mapping Paris

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads French creative studio Le3 has put together a beautiful street mapping project of a tiger running the streets of Paris at night: According to L3, no post-production FX was involved – they… Continue Reading →

Unveiled at the Paris World Exposition of 1889, the Eiffel Tower was finished despite much skepticism and was nearly scrapped two decades later, but ultimately kept for “its usefulness as a radio tower.” Of course, now it’s the primary tourist… Continue Reading →

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