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Recap from @EyeforTravel in Miami: How Airlines Dedicate Resources to Social Media (from @SimpliFlying)

Thanks to Eye For Travel for inviting me again to speak their Online Marketing Strategies Conference in Miami. There was a great response to my presentation, so I figured I’d upload my slides; be warned, they won’t make a lot of sense without my narration. Make Something People Love - because the best marketing is…

We’d love to speak at your event – here’s how to get team hipmunk on a stage

As I run off to speak at FFP Spring Event 2011, I thought it’d be appropriate to invite you to visit our SpeakerGram page if you’re interested in having Adam, Steve, Danilo, or I speak at your event — we’re always happy to share any insights we’ve gained growing hipmunk so far (or in Steve/my…

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