Keepin’ Austin Weird at SXSW

Well, I’m happy to say we all made it back from SXSW, with only one close call.

If you haven’t been to Austin, TX, you should definitely consider a trip to this charming, southern city. Living by the motto “Keep Austin Weird,” the city celebrates each unique dynamic within its limits. Walking through downtown, you’ll easily get glimpses into the burgeoning tech scene, cool indie music culture, active and athletic running groups, and wafts of authentic BBQ.

The Hipmunk hit those same streets and attended many a SXSW party. We began with the Institute of Higher Awesome Studies party, and after surprising party-goers and generating a lot of “Awws,” the Hipmunk enjoyed a spicy Bloody Mary (yes, at noon!) and crashed the Grubwithus photo booth.

We were overwhelmed with the number of kids, adults, fans, and Hipmunk first-timers that flocked to take pics, tell us about the travels they booked through us, and share the Hipmunk love. It was amazing to finally meet some of the folks we’ve been tweeting with for over a year and put real faces to those 140 character messages.

We moved about three steps every 15 minutes and handed out loads of luggage tags, t-shirts, hoodies, and stickers. 

And can you believe someone actually let the ‘munk borrow their bike??

We even got stopped by the local Austin police! The citation? Being too cute, of course.

But after a little sweet talk from Russell, we avoided the cuffs, and it all turned out alright.

We definitely did our part to Keep Austin Weird over the course of four days, and it was a blast.

We mingled with lots of other cool startups including folks from SeatGeek, Highlight, HotelTonight, Liftopia, and Twilio, got interviewed live on-set by TechCrunchTV, ate at some amazing places like Jeffrey’s, had Salt Lick BBQ at Six Lounge, and visited the supposedly haunted Driskill (no sightings, though) for some old timey cocktails.

Stay tuned for our Austin destination guide, and keep an eye out at the next SXSW for the Hipmunk!

— Jacqueline

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We’re Hipmunking SXSW

We’ll give you one guess to figure out who’s headed down to Austin tomorrow for the annual SXSW festival…

Yup, that’s right! The Hipmunk (with five of us in tow) are headed down to Austin, TX to enjoy some tech, film, music, and, of course, BBQ. 

The Hipmunk won’t be hard to miss, but here’s where you can find us:

Co-founder and CEO Adam Goldstein will speak on the “Lean Startup: Baby Got (Feed)Back” panel on Saturday,  3/10. He goes on stage at 5pm at the Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon C.

On Sunday, 3/11, the Hipmunk will be touring the city in the Grubwithus mobile photo booth, because who doesn’t like some good photo booth shenanigans! Follow us on Twitter to find out where we are and to meet up for some fun.

We’ll be bringing the Hipmunk around the festival grounds on Monday, 3/12, to hand out Hipmunk hoodies, t-shirts and free Gogo wifi codes. But don’t expect everything to be free—we’ll probably make you do something silly (and take pics for the blog!) in order to get some gear.

And on Tuesday, 3/13, co-founder and CTO Steve Huffman will speak on the “Community-Centered Design” panel. You can catch him at 12:30pm at the Austin Convention Center, Room 5ABC.

And if you can’t make it down there, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest and greatest happenings, sights, stories and pics from SX. Here are some folks to follow:

— Jacqueline

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