Top 5 Longreads about Food in 2012

Longreads has rounded up its picks – in fiction and non-fiction – for the best of 2012, and there are some wonderful picks here. If you’re looking for some picks for a lazy Sunday, it’s a great start!

Since I write primarily about noms, however, here are my picks for the best food reads from the last year.


1. ”The Cosmopolitan Condiment,” Dan Jurafsky, Slate 

You’ll never look at a bottle the same way again once you read this great piece. 

2. “Adjika: Sauce of Glory, Pride of Abhazia,” Oliver Bullough, Roads & Kingdoms 

Adjika holds a special place in my heart, having brightened up many a meal and been a source of great conversation on the road. Worth a read for anyone who likes food and travel.

3. “Manufacturing Taste,” Sasha Chapman, The Walrus

As a Canadian, I grew up referring to Kraft Macaroni & Cheese as “KD”, and had no idea this was not a worldwide phenomenon until midway through 2010, and I was appalled to hear that my American friends did not adopt this affectionate nickname. :)

4. “Bread of Beirut,” Annia Ciezadlo, Granta

A beautiful piece about communal bakeries in the Middle East and how these centuries-old traditions become new again during times of war. 

5. “A Fish Story,” Alison Fairbrother, The Washington Monthly

A must-read about a tiny silvery fish called the menhaden and how crucial it is to the ecosystem of our oceans. 

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