Utah Parks Trip Giveaway: Free Trip+Airfare for 2 from Intrepid and Hipmunk

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Sleeping under the stars, traversing the red canyons of the Southwest and scaling mountains are items we’d all like on our summer to-do list. If you’re thinking such an adventure (while undeniably awesome) is outside your budget, think again: Hipmunk… Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Make Your Vacation Cheaper in London

London is a popular destination for tourists but has a reputation for being expensive. Here are some ways of making your stay cheaper whilst having fun in Britain’s capital city. This gives you more money to spend on sightseeing, shopping… Continue Reading →

12 Mountains to Climb While You Still Can

Climbing a mountain is something many people want to do, but very few actually brave the difficulties to make it to the top. If you dream of tackling some of the world’s most amazing and challenging mountains, these are climbs… Continue Reading →

11 Reasons to Visit Jerusalem’s Old City

Few places in the world have as much religious and cultural significance as Jerusalem. It’s one of those rare places that mixes ancient history with modernity. Tailor your experience by selecting one of the Jerusalem hotels along a spectrum from… Continue Reading →

Nosara, Costa Rica: Where International Yogis Go to Prosper

Costa Rica is a unique Blue Zone: one of just a few places in the world where people live longer, healthier, and happier lives almost across the board. People from all over the world flock there to soak up both… Continue Reading →

Travel SmackDown: Soccer vs Football

By Hipmunk Staff Soccer, football, futbol. Whatever you call it, the sport has been garnering a lot more attention stateside this year, bolstered by a strong U.S. Men’s team showing and another U.S. Women’s team win (their third) at their… Continue Reading →

Hacking the Budget Airline

Buying tickets on a budget airline can be a great way to save, literally, hundreds of dollars on airplane tickets. However, while most people will be dazzled by the low, low ticket prices, they’ll fail to notice the dozens of… Continue Reading →

6 Cool Vacation Spots to Beat the Heat

There’s no denying that it’s extremely hot outside, and it will only continue to get hotter as we make our way deeper into summer. To beat the heat, or at least take a break from the high August temperatures, check… Continue Reading →

History of the Hotel: How the Modern Day Hotel Came to Be

For as long as we’ve had civilization we’ve had hotels, though the earliest iterations of the hotel were a little different than they are today. In early biblical times, wandering travelers often took up lodging in the homes of local… Continue Reading →

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