The 6 Most Affordable Beach Vacations for This Summer

For the landlocked, a trip to the ocean often requires lengthy travel, accommodation, car rental, and even beach costs. It can add up rather quickly, but we’ve taken all those factors into account and found some lesser known and incredibly… Continue Reading →

Trip Planning 101

Well, it is official, Hipmunk has launched its most innovative feature yet, Trip Planning. With Hipmunk’s easy to use planning features, you can now save, manage and access your upcoming trips! So lets get planning. First run a flight or hotel… Continue Reading →

Visiting the Caribbean on the Cheap: The Top 8 Budget Tips

Think of the Caribbean, and palm trees, white sand, and crystal waters probably come to mind. While it’s often considered a dream destination, jetting off to an island paradise can quickly get pricey. Yet the Caribbean is becoming much more… Continue Reading →

8 Ways to A Painless Long Flight

Whether flying for pleasure to Bangkok or taking a regular business trip to Sydney, the long term flight can be hard on the body, mind, and soul. Though the thrill of adventure might keep things interesting for the first few… Continue Reading →

The History of In-Flight Peanuts and Snacks (and Which Airlines Offer Great Selections)

Airplanes and peanuts: The two go together like movies and popcorn or ball games and franks. But how (and why) did those free baggies became such an airborne institution? We dug into the history of airline snacks and put together… Continue Reading →

How to Guide: Surviving 4th of July with Small Children

By: Steve Clarke, Senior Director of Business Insights at Hipmunk Children are a joy, an inspiration, and let’s face it, horrible travel companions. So when it comes to those short, carefree getaways you used to take on long weekends when you… Continue Reading →

How to Guide: Getting Around Prague Using Public Transport

Visiting Prague using public transportation is a breeze. Approximately two-thirds of the population of the city relies on the public transit system, which consists of buses, trams and the metro. For a nominal fee, you can travel all over the… Continue Reading →

Sundae Suppers: Or Why You should be eating Ice Cream for Dinner Right about Now

July is National Ice Cream Month, and we couldn’t be more thrilled — an entire month to indulge in our favorite frozen sweet treats! No matter where your travels take you, why not indulge in a sundae supper? In other… Continue Reading →

6 Steps to Avoid Bedbugs as Vacation Souvenirs

Bedbugs have been snacking on humans for centuries, but had become very rare in the U.S. by the time Mrs. Cleaver started vacuuming in pearls. Because of the widespread use of pesticides like DDT as well as the vacuums wielded… Continue Reading →

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