5 Ways to “Find Yourself” By Travelling The Globe

There are more benefits to travel than just having fun. If you’re trying to get in touch with your inner self, visiting other countries or just going outside of your comfort zone at home in the United States can help… Continue Reading →

Pack for a Multi-week Vacation in a Carry-on

Maybe you’re going to Europe to enjoy hotels in London and other major cities on the culturally diverse continent. No matter where you’re headed, keeping your packing limited to a carry-on bag offers two benefits: You won’t have to pay… Continue Reading →

The Best Airlines For In-Flight Entertainment

Long flights can be a drag, but there’s nothing better to make the time fly and take your mind off cramped economy quarters than a good inflight entertainment system. These airlines have taken pains to make sure that your journey… Continue Reading →

Visit the World’s First Ghetto..in Venice

The Jewish Ghetto is a small island in the Cannaregio section of Venice, located among the maze of canals and waterways that crisscross Venice and just a short walk from the main train station and the famous Grand Canal. There… Continue Reading →

Top Things to do at Sunrise in London

There’s no better way to enjoy the best sights in London than at sunrise. It is amazing how much is within easy reach of most hotels in the city. If you are an early bird or just want to pack… Continue Reading →

Labor Day Destinations Away From the Crowds

This Labor Day, leave the crowded streets and city heat to explore a more peaceful waterside paradise. Just a short detour from four major cities (and airports), the following destinations offer a chance to relax, cool off, and celebrate the… Continue Reading →

How to Brave the Cold at an Ice Hotel (And the 4 Best to Try This Year)

Throughout history, hotels have continually pushed the bounds of what constitutes an exceptional night’s stay. Modern travelers’ desires for unique, authentic, and Instagram-worthy adventures have driven hotels to market themselves as destinations for unusual trips and immersive experiences. Perhaps no trend… Continue Reading →

Turn Your Tablet Into a Laptop

No one wants a 10-pound weight on the shoulder while strolling by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, perusing the Prado in Spain or walking the streets of NYC. One way to lighten the load is by subbing your laptop for… Continue Reading →

Your Guide to Thanksgiving Travel Savings

By: Hipmunk Staff The holidays seem to come sooner each year, and while we’re advocates of enjoying each season as it comes, we’re even bigger fans of saving our hard-earned money. That’s right— it’s time to start thinking about your Turkey… Continue Reading →

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