Quirky Millennial Travel Habits

Everyone travels a little bit differently. Exactly how much so? We decided to conduct a survey on generational air travel preferences to find out. Polling more than 3,000 travelers, the results revealed that Millennials want unique on-board flight experiences—even if it increases the cost of their tickets.

According to the survey, Millennials are willing to pay extra to spice up their onboard experiences. For instance, 38 percent of Millennials are willing to pay more for an airline ticket that would give them access to an “open bar” on a plane, while only 18 percent of Generation X travelers want to pay more for free flowing alcohol. In addition to unlimited drinks, 79 percent of Millennials would enjoy a “themed” seasonal flight with snacks, drinks, and seasonal movies, whereas only 64 percent of Generation X travelers wanted that type of experience.

 When it comes to socializing in the air, 45 percent of Millennials want to connect socially with other passengers via electronic chat, games, or social networks, while only 36 percent of Generation X travelers want to. “Airlines used to live in a world where the only things that mattered were fares and schedules,” said Adam Goldstein, CEO of Hipmunk. “Millennials show how the industry is shifting. Tech-savvy travelers care more about the in-flight experience.”

 What are other Millennial travel preferences?

·       70 percent would sit next to restrooms on the plane for a reduced fare, but only 54 percent of Generation X travelers would do the same.

·       Millennials are last-minute bookers: 47 percent of Millennials book their vacation travel at least 6 months in advance. By comparison, 59 percent of Generation X travelers book their vacation travel at least 6 months in advance.

·       28 percent of Millennials would be willing to stand on a flight to save money, compared to 16 percent of Generation X travelers.

·       24 percent of Millennials would be willing to pay more to fly on a “child-free” plane, compared to 18 percent of Generation X travelers.

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Hipmunk surveyed 3,187 US travelers. Hipmunk defined Millennials as those between the ages of 18-34, and defined Generation X as 35-54 years old. The survey was conducted in October of 2013.

Holiday Travel Trends


The holidays mark one of the busiest times to travel. Most people are traveling to visit their friends and family, and want to get there as quickly as possible! In a recent Hipmunk user survey, we learned some interesting things around how people travel, and what they think traveling should be like during the holidays. Here’s what we discovered:

  • 18% of respondents admitted to traveling to AVOID family during the holidays. Instead of visiting Mom and Dad, they may have booked a ticket for an exotic vacation!
  • Non-millennials were 32% more likely to travel to avoid seeing family than millennials. Basically, the younger generation isn’t as eager to avoid their families as non-millennials (at least not yet!)
  • 68% said they would like to fly on a special “Holiday flight.” That’s a flight that serves free hot cocoa, spiked eggnog, and warm apple cider, along with freshly baked gingerbread cookies, while playing classic holiday movies for in-flight entertainment. Millennials were 33% more likely to prefer this than non-millennials.

Have you traveled to avoid spending the holidays with your family? What are your thoughts on a “Holiday flight?” Tell us @thehipmunk on Twitter, or write on our Facebook wall!

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How to Navigate Canceled Flights This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is the busiest time to travel, and unfortunately, flights have been cancelled all over the US due to weather. If you’re in that mix, here are some tips to help relieve the stress and hopefully get you home in time for Thanksgiving:

  1. Use the Hipmunk Hotel App. Our App is built for last-minute location-based searches. Once you open the app, you’ll see your current location and all of the available hotels near your location.
  2. Use the Hipmunk Flight App: If you’re at an airport and trying to rebook a new flight, our app allows you to find available flights in the palm of your hand. If you’re in line at customer service, run searches and once you’re at the counter, show them the flight you want.
  3. If they offer to rebook you on a flight that leaves days later, take it. You’re guaranteed that ticket. If you want to try to leave earlier, just standby on all flights that leave before yours.
  4. Don’t leave the airport, or get there early every morning. Standby on every flight and hope people don’t show up (it happens!) Or, go to the airport early every morning, because people won’t make it to the airport on time, or have also been moved onto new flights.
  5. Try other airports. If you’re in a metropolitan area with multiple airports nearby, check out flights at those airports.
  6. Ask the airline to put you on another airline. This one’s a bit trickier (especially when flights are cancelled due to weather) but it never hurts to ask!
  7. Put the customer service numbers of your airline and other airlines in your phone before you go to airport. This comes in handy when lines are long. Make calls while in line, and you may be on a new flight before you even get to the counter.

Share these tips with friends or keep them in your back pocket in case your flight is ever cancelled. Be safe Hipmunkers!



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