We love getting photos from fans who’ve taken our chipmunk on vacation. Most recently, the hipmunk visited the Grand Canyon thanks to Joey Egan! Follow him on twitter - @JoeyEgan. And if you need a flight to Arizona, you know where to search for it! Be sure to check out the Skywalk for a breathtaking view … Continue reading

Best. Fans. Ever. @AlexanderNL Stroopswafels Us!

How very kind of you, Alexander! Dank je wel!

This happy Dutch hipmunk saw our past entries on all things Netherlands, including our special feature of the almighty stroopwafel, and wanted to say for all of the agony-free travel search.

Talk about going above and beyond! But this, my friend, is exactly why we’re trying to build the best (and most fun) travel search ever. You deserve nothing less.

A hipmunk sent us this via twitter. Fabulous. Thanks to the caption contest we ran yesterday on our facebook page, a lucky hipmunk is getting free wifi on his next flight. We’ve got more to give out, so be sure you’re following us on twitter, facebook, and now now on Google+ and feeling generous with our … Continue reading

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