New: Improved Calendars, Pre-Populated Forms

Your wishes in action: more usability improvements.

Improved Calendars


It’s now easier to tell which date you’re selecting on the calendar—the date you hover over is color-coded to match either the “depart” or “return” field.


For those times when you’re taking a very short trip, you can now select the same date for both departing and returning; a multi-colored date makes it clear what you’re doing.

Pre-Populated Forms

When you run a search and then hit the Back button in your browser, Hipmunk now remembers what you entered the first time around. (And the same thing happens when you come back to Hipmunk after a while away.)

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New: Hoverable Sliders, Fixed Time Legend

Time for another round of usability improvements.

Hoverable Sliders


One of our most powerful features is our graphical sliders. But we’ve heard that many people don’t realize these sliders exist. Now, when you hover over a slider—or even near it—you’ll get a clear visual cue that the slider is draggable.

Fixed Time Legend


Previously, when you scrolled past the first screen of results on Hipmunk, you’d have to remember what all the vertical time lines meant. Now, the time legend stays on the screen no matter how much you scroll.

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