How to Brave the Cold at an Ice Hotel (And the 4 Best to Try This Year)

Throughout history, hotels have continually pushed the bounds of what constitutes an exceptional night’s stay. Modern travelers’ desires for unique, authentic, and Instagram-worthy adventures have driven hotels to market themselves as destinations for unusual trips and immersive experiences. Perhaps no trend… Continue Reading →

Things You Should Do Before Landing at the Airport in a New Country

Crowds at baggage claim, long lines through customs, signs in foreign languages and different cultural norms–arriving at the airport in a new country can be stressful, even for the most seasoned jetsetters. Even after making it through customs, tackling unfamiliar… Continue Reading →

History of the Hotel: How the Modern Day Hotel Came to Be

For as long as we’ve had civilization we’ve had hotels, though the earliest iterations of the hotel were a little different than they are today. In early biblical times, wandering travelers often took up lodging in the homes of local… Continue Reading →

Kick-Start Your Next Vacation With These Amazing Hotel Breakfasts

This just in: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We recently rounded up some interesting data, which shows 43% of hotels in America offer a free breakfast (the U.S. is the #1 country for offering complementary morning… Continue Reading →

How to Get the Best Sleep Ever in Your Hotel (and Some of the Best Hotels for Snoozing)

Achieving quality sleep away from home isn’t always easy, even when rest and relaxation are the trip objectives. Noisy temporary neighbors, unfamiliar surroundings, bright street lights, and uncomfortable mattresses can interrupt or prevent a decent night’s sleep. We’ve put together… Continue Reading →

The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of the Hotel Minibar

Who would have thought a small fridge could make such a big impact? Decades ago, the humble minibar transformed the hotel landscape by supplying on-demand snacks for bleary travelers eager to pay for the new privilege of convenience. But despite… Continue Reading →

Got Questions? Here’s What to Ask to Get More Out of Your Hotel Stay

The quality of a hotel stay can make or break a vacation, and sometimes you have questions that need answers. Although it’s sometimes uncomfortable to ask for help, most hotels are equipped with an array of people there to ensure… Continue Reading →

6 Things You Need to Know to Enjoy a Hammam in Istanbul

When visiting Istanbul, you’ll likely haggle in the Grand Bazaar and explore the Topkapi Palace. But what’s next? There’s nothing better than partaking in the traditional hammam experience to get a true taste of the culture of Istanbul. A hammam… Continue Reading →

Festivals, Fun, and Foolery in New Orleans

It’s amazing how many people visit this culturally-rich city, never venture past Bourbon Street, and go home thinking they’ve been to New Orleans. The problem: the Crescent City is so old and so diverse that it’s difficult to cram in… Continue Reading →

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