New: Get Hooked Up with Hipmunk!

Hey there, savvy travelers, ready to get a bit more savvy? As of today, Hipmunk will make sure you never miss a meeting due to a flight and will ensure you always stay at the best hotel near your meetings and appointments. No, we’re not psychic, but with mobile calendar integration we’ll help you make the best travel choices.

Now, you’ll be able to hook up your personal, work, and even your friend’s, family’s, and colleague’s calendars into your flight and hotel results.

Here’s how it works:

When you download the most recent update to the Hipmunk iOS and Android apps, you’ll see an option to “Show My Calendars,” go ahead and switch that on:

Conduct your flight search like usual, and notice how your calendar events appear as vertical lines under the flights that conflict. You’ll also see the title of the event at the bottom.

When flights aren’t playing nice with scheduled meetings, we’ll notify you on-screen of the conflict:

If you’re ok with missing some meetings, continue on to book per usual. If not, you can go back and select another non-conflicting flight.

On the hotel side, we also give you the option to show your events. And the cool thing is, we plot them all on the map alongside your hotel results so you can easily visualize hotels in relation to your events and obligations. Your events are shown by a gold flag with the date of the event highlighted:

If you don’t want to rely on public transit and want to walk between meetings, we give you a list of the highest ecstasy hotels as sorted by proximity to an individual event:

While we’re happy to help you fly agony-free and bring ecstasy to your hotel stay, what we don’t do is violate your privacy. We solemnly swear to leave your personal calendar and meeting information exactly where we found it, on your phone! Scouts honor.

Now vamanos, you’ve got flights to catch and meetings to make!

Head to the AppStore or Google Play to get the free Hipmunk iOS and Android apps.

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New: Hipmunk iPad App!

A few months ago we released an iPhone app to make it easier to find flights while you’re on the go. People loved it, but they kept requesting an iPad version too. When we asked why, the conversation usually went like this: “the iPhone is great when you’re on the subway or in a meeting,” they said, “but an iPad version would be better when you’re luxuriating on the sofa or toilet seat.”

So today we have some good news: we’ve got a free Hipmunk iPad app for finding flights! What’s more, it’s a “universal” app, which means the app runs on both the iPad and the iPhone, and automatically displays the appropriate version for each device.

The features you know and love from the iPhone are still there, including the ability to email booking links to friends and to re-run recent searches.

But because it’s on an iPad, there’s a lot more space, which means you can see more flight options at once. And when you tap a flight result, you now see all the details on the screen at once, including layover times and airports.

Perhaps the coolest thing: the iPad app now has our famous sliders, which make it easy to filter your flight results by time of day.

Let us know what you think!

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