Desert rivers that look like trees

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

Some of the most evocative travel photography is the kind that makes you see something normal in a totally different light. Take the photo below, a bird’s eye view of Baja California desert in Mexico, taken by Adriana Franco:

Hard to believe that this is a desert image and not a delicate hand-painted canvas of furrowed branches and trees. We all know that nature is beautiful, but sometimes it’s a surprise to see it shifted into an unexpected form.

For a few more shots of the desert from above, see Adriana’s gallery on National Geographic.


Beautiful Google Street View Art

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

Landscape photography is one of the better ways to sink into a new place, with its focus on detail and wider ability to bring you into the feeling behind one snapshot in time. Aaron Hobson is a master at constructing photos of this kind, having won several awards for his cinemascape panoramic photos. 

In a new series, he uses Google Street View snapshots to create narratives, eerie portraits of the world as as we know it.  Example, the photo below from Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave, in France – it’s not your usual Google map!


For the full series of photos, check out Aaron’s gallery here. It’s well worth a few minutes of your long weekend.



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