Now you know what Kópavogur, Iceland looks like in winter (thanks to a redditor). It literally means “seal pup bay” (adorable!) and is the second biggest city in the country with - I kid you not - “one of Iceland‘s finest collections of molluscs and crustaceans.” Why haven’t you booked your flight?

Carved from a single piece of wood. Fabulous Thai handicraft! And while you’re stunned by the marvelous woodwork, also check out the Sanctuary of Truth, Kailash Temple, and Elephanta Caves.

If you’re ever caught in a riot while traveling, here are some tips learned while I was in Athens last year during their protests. As you’re no doubt aware, a year later, Greece is again full of strife. With this news comes that predictable riot dog article, which seems to regularly make the rounds. We…

I can’t read Chinese, but I’m pretty sure that’s not right. Want to learn Chinese (or a myriad of other languages)? There are some pretty fabulous free tutorials available courtesy of the Foreign Service Institute of the US Government and the BBC. The script and tonal system make it tricky for Westerners, but that’s no reason not to…

During a 5am thunderstorm in Nynäshamn, Sweden (just 60km south of Stockholm if you’re planning a visit). Original post.

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