Reddit asks “What’s the most WTF thing you’ve experienced/seen during a flight?”

The response aren’t all safe for work, so we’ve [edited] them, but they’ll all make you go “WTF?” Click here to read the full thread on reddit.

from famouslastwords
Flying from Atlanta to Washington DC. We were about 45 seconds post-takeoff when the guy beside me unbuckled himself and starting running up the incredibly steep aisle. The flight attendants immediately start yelling at him to sit down, even going so far as to fumble with the intercom. About 10 feet from the front of the plane, one of the crew said:

Flight lady: “Sir, I’m going to have to demand you sit down.”
Guy: “Ma’am, I am going to [poop] my pants.”

He barricaded himself in the bathroom for about 10 minutes and emerged to clapping and angry looks from flight attendants. He ordered a water with no ice in it when they got to our aisle.

from dougiebgood
On a redeye flight, just as I fell asleep, a woman passed out in the middle of the aisle and hit my leg. I was so doped up on Dramamine I didn’t even realize it and fell back asleep. The flight attendants put an oxygen tank on the floor and put the tanks mask over her mouth. Apparently they used my hand to hold it in place, so when I woke up a few minutes later, I was like “why am I holding an oxygen mask over someone’s face?”

from ggggbabybabybaby
I was asleep on a flight and the attendant was walking by and spilled hot chocolate on my arm. It briefly started me awake but I was so tired I went back to sleep. I was woken up a short time later by an attendant apologizing and offering me a free shower radio so there I am half-awake with a soggy chocolate stain on my arm and a shower radio in my hands.

from DamnColorblindness
I walked onto the plane and gave the 1st steward I saw a bag of Hershey’s Miniatures. “this is for the crew”.

The whole flight I was given free headphones and all the free drinks I could handle. I tried to pay but she just kept giving me my money back with every drink.

Well hipmunks, what’s the most WTF thing you’ve experienced or seen on a flight?

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Fabulous Ask Me Anything Interview with Airline Luggage Handler

4744505285_b4d0bc8b30Photo Credit: DoNotLick (flickr)

I’m biased, but there’s no other place on the Internet with content as original as what the reddit community creates and discovers. For example, here’s an interview with a baggage handler that bubbled up a day ago on /r/travel. Here’s how he introduces himself:

I figured fellow travellers would like to know a bit about what goes on back there and how to help their stuff survive the flight. I won’t be answering any sensitive, security related, questions, but otherwise, ask away.

To clarify, I load narrow body aircraft for regional aircarriers, these are those little planes which hold <100 people, and tend to bring you to/from smaller “spoke” stations. I am also using my phone to do this since my computer is being repaired, please forgive my typos.

To start I’ll give some general tips/ insights:

1) pack your bags so that the contents can survive a 2.5 or 3 foot fall (this includes your “plane side” or “valet” bags. When we’re unstacking everything in the cargo hold the only ergonomic solution to get the bags from the top of the stack to the belt loader or to our partner who will transfer it to the ground (possibly another short drop) is to drop them straight down from waist height.

2)If your bag says “fragile” we do usually take better care of the item (still can get dropped/bounced around.) If it’s clearly a musical instrument, we treat it like it’s precious (don’t ask me why, maybe it’s because of the “united broke my guitar” vid. Or maybe because we can see exactly why it’s fragile.)

3) buy bags with a handle on the bottom, the bar-type are best. We have to get your bags stacked up somehow, and if the don’t have sufficient handles we will have to grab wheels or other features to get a good grip. Having a good handle keeps those parts from getting strained/broken ,and keeps us from losing our grip and dropping your bag.

Highlights from the crowdsourced interview:

Question from Namelesss:
Have you ever been tempted to peek inside some bags? Maybe because of their shape or something written on them.

That’s a big “no-no” in the industry so I don’t even really think about it.

Though sometimes someone’s bag is on its last legs and it busts open. We do our best to stitch ‘em back together & put them on their flight. I will put your cell phone charger back in your bag if it falls out of an unzipped pocket *and * I know whose bag it came from. But other than that I leave your stuff 100% alone.

Oh, and if a bag has rained pocket change all over the bottom of the bin during flight, I call ‘em “pennies from heaven” and buy myself a snickers.

Question from hatten_datter:
What’s the strangest thing that you’ve ever had fall out? Do you find yourself speculating about the type of person that each luggage may belong to? How’s your back holding up?

I don’t see much in the way of passenger items (though, like I said, I can tell a vibe turned on mid flight) but the strangest stuff I see is the freight.

I’ve loaded & unloaded eyeballs, horse semen, 84 lbs of non descript “human,” and giant towers of hamsters. All this on top of the only slightly weird, like pet pigs, 1000’s of chickens, and crates of blood urine off to be tested.

Question from fatalvaux:
How exactly do bags go missing?

Tag falls off. Doesn’t happen often with those big white tags you get at the ticket counter, but those flimsy little hand written tags or planeside tags will fall off so easily.

If you don’t have your name & phone # on the bag somewhere else, there’s really no way for us to figure out whose it is, and where you were going.

If your bag just doesn’t make it, it’s possible that it’s arrived too late for us to load it, or was “missent to bangkok.” If a bag does get missent oto the wrong country it’s a #$%@ to get back logistically speaking, since on international flights, no bags can legally go without their owner on board unless the owner has already taken the flight. So the company has to do a little song and dance to verify that you’re in your destination country before the bag can get on it’s way.

{Later reply} Smartest thing I’ve seen is name/address written on the bag in permanent marker.

There’s plenty more interview left, click here to read it on reddit!

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What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Experienced on a Flight? (best of @reddit)

2659592718_6d55d92df2_z photo credit: debaird

This question bubbled up on /r/AskReddit a little while back and we thought we’d share some of the highlights with you. Be warned, some of the comments get rather graphic — mostly involving bodily functions.

Here are some highlights that won’t ruin your appetite.

My sister was flying alone when she was a little girl, the airline put her on the wrong flight. She was sitting next to a man who asked her where she was going, she said Baltimore, the flight was to Texas. They turned the flight around, brought her back to Chicago and fed her ice cream until a later flight to Baltimore.

Severe turbulence. I wasn’t scared because we were really high up and turbulence is only a concern for me when they are trying to take off or land. What did freak me out a bit was when we seemed to free fall for a second or two. Have you ever seen orange juice pour up?

Former flight attendant here […] I saved a passenger’s life with CPR and defibrillator training we received during flight attendant training. They told us in class we’d most likely never use it, but it was mandated FAA training. Sure shit, a few months into my job, there I was, watching the defibrillator shock a guy back to life. It happened at a major city terminal and I swear there were at least 100 people standing around in a circle watching. It was a surreal feeling and my training kicked in automatically. I have to say, it helped that a heart surgeon stopped to assist me. He kept checking his airway while I did the chest compressions. The old guy’s ribs broke on the very first compression and he shit and pissed his pants while we worked on him, but hey, he pulled through! So the next time you think flight attendants are just glorified cocktail waitresses, think again. They might someday save your life.

Had a mentally challenged 40 year old guy on a flight with his elderly father. Half way through, he had a massive panic attack. He started lashing out at his dad, who withdrew as much as the leg room would allow and raised his hands defensively. I’m a pretty tough cookie, but this kinda thing makes me bawl like a little girl. Anyway, he was only the row in front of me, and having some experience with the mentally disabled I started singing a song my uncle (Downs Syndrome) likes. Unfortunately, my uncle only knows that one fucking song, so we spent the entire ret of the flight singing Wind Beneath My Wings :)

So, hipmunks, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever experienced on a flight?

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