Lost in Rio? A QR code to the rescue…

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi of Legal Nomads.

A fun new project in Brazil: Rio De Janeiro has embedded QR codes into their sidewalks, for tourists to both learn about the city and map out where they are headed next. Instead of painting them onto the sidewalks or walls, they’ve been built in using tiling, to better fit in with the beachwalks and existing infrastructure.

The first of the QR codes was build at Arpoador, a boulder at the end of Ipanema beach.When the tiles are scanned with a smartphone, a local map and information is provided to the user in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. Per Today Online, the information for Arpoador included  “that Arpoador gets big waves, making it a hot spot for surfing and giving the 500-metre beach nearby the name of Praia do Diabo, or Devil’s Beach. They could also find out that the rock is called Arpoador because fishermen once harpooned whales off the shore.”

The country plans to embed roughly 30 QR codes at beaches, vistas and various historic sites around the city. Fun project!

QR codes in Rio

QR codes in Rio

Nemo Cancelled Your Flight? 7 Helpful Travel Tips


Thousands of flights have been cancelled due to blizzard Nemo. If you’re, unfortunately, in that mix, here are some tips to help relieve the stress and hopefully get you home sooner:

  1. Use the Hipmunk Hotel App. Our App is built for last-minute location-based searches. Once you open the app, you’ll see your current location and all of the available hotels near your location. Also, big hotels are the first to get booked, but we have Airbnb, apartment and home rentals, in our search results for additional options.
  2. Use the Hipmunk Flight App: If you’re at an airport and trying to rebook a new flight, our app allows you to find available flights in the palm of your hand. If you’re in line at customer service, run searches and once you’re at the counter, show them the flight you want. Oftentimes, agents will say that there are no flights available, but with people moving onto other flights, there may be some open seats.
  3. If they offer to rebook you on a flight that leaves days later, take it. You’re guaranteed that ticket. If you want to try to leave earlier, just standby on all flights that leave before yours.
  4. Don’t leave the airport, or get there early every morning. Standby on every flight and hope people don’t show up (it happens!) Or, go to the airport early every morning, because people won’t make it to the airport on time, or have also been moved onto new flights. Getting to the airport early also lets you get on that standby list earlier in the day, increasing your chances of getting home quickly.
  5. Try other airports. If you’re in a metropolitan area with multiple airports nearby, check out flights at those airports.
  6. Ask the airline to put you on another airline. This one’s a bit trickier (especially when flights are cancelled due to weather) but it never hurts to ask!
  7. Put the customer service numbers of your airline and other airlines in your phone before you go to airport. This comes in handy when lines are long. Make calls while in line, and you may be on a new flight before you even get to the counter.

Share these tips with friends in the Northeast or keep them in your back pocket in case your flight is ever cancelled. Be safe Hipmunkers!

Bathroom Sign of Champions

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi of Legal Nomads.
One of the fun byproducts of travel is the signs you see while wandering around the globe. I’ve found some great puns written in text, but loved the simplicity of this one from the ABC Bakery on Pham Ngu Lao, Ho Chi Minh City, where I am living for the next few months.
Effective, funny and no ambiguity about what it’s trying to say
Jodi Ettenberg bathroom sign
What funny signs have you seen on your travels?


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