5 Things Successful Leaders Do Before Traveling

By: Fiona Moriarty In my work at Hipmunk, I’ve observed a lot of would-be travelers—and I’ve noticed some patterns among those who identify as leaders. Great leaders, it seems, prioritize leadership qualities in all aspects of their lives. They uphold… Continue Reading →

On the Power of Interacting with Other Cultures

In this day and age, the world starts right at the ends of our fingertips. With just a click of our mouse, we can learn about the traditions of Indonesian cooking, the wedding practices of southern India, the annual rates… Continue Reading →

The 5 Hotels that Nail Vegan Eating

With increased demand for healthier options, more and more hotels are putting vegan choices front and center (finally!). From hotels that keep sustainability in mind, to those that prioritize easy access to vegan-friendly meals (free of any animal products), we’ve… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Every Foodie Should Visit Minneapolis/St. Paul

One of the Midwest’s truly global economic centers, Minneapolis/St. Paul gives travelers two amazing destinations right next door to each other. And the area’s urban boom has spawned new waves of breweries, butchers, and eateries great for locals and tourists… Continue Reading →

Shampoo and Conditioner? We Rounded Up The Hotels that Carry the Best Toiletries

Many hotel chains are now turning their backs on the bland and boring toiletries of days past. In their efforts to provide singular experiences of ever-increasing luxury, they have paired with well-known cosmetic companies and high-end beauty lines, creating bespoke… Continue Reading →

How To Eat Like a King in SF Without Breaking The Bank

San Francisco is a diverse city with delicious food, well known for creative burritos and food trucks. But after a day spent burning calories, climbing the gargantuan hills (there are over 50 of them within city limits), it might be… Continue Reading →

Traveling to Berlin? Here’s How to Eat Like a King on a Pauper’s Budget

As one of the least expensive European capitals, Berlin is a great choice for travelers on a budget. Thankfully for food-lovers, it’s also packed with excellent restaurants, which can be found interspersed between the opulent Prussian palaces and the concrete remnants… Continue Reading →

7 Best Photos of Sunsets from Around the World

Everyday, we share travel photos from all around the world on Hipmunk’s Instagram page. Photos from our jet-setting staff are tagged #hipmunkabroad. Follow @thehipmunk on Instagram and tag your own travel adventures with #hipmunk.  You could see yourself featured on our pages. We’re… Continue Reading →

7 Things To Know Before Travelling To Cuba

While adventurous travelers are urged to visit  Cuba before authenticity goes the way of a Starbucks on every corner, travelers should take a little extra time preparing, as heading to the island still isn’t that easy.  Whether planning to spend… Continue Reading →

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