Hipmunk City Love: Portland, Maine

Lobsters, lighthouses, and more lobsters. What else does someone need to have a perfect, scenic summer day? Portland, Maine (not to be confused with its hippy cousin on the west coast) boasts beautiful views, delicious eats, and a peaceful New… Continue Reading →

Survival Guide: Camping in Bad Weather

Camping in perfect conditions is one of the most serene and peaceful outdoor activities. There’s nothing better than sitting around an open fire with close friends, swapping stories and gossip, drinking beer, all while taking in a clear starry sky… Continue Reading →

Choosing the Best Route for Your Cross-Country Bike Ride

For the intrepid cyclist, completing a cross-country biking trip is a cycling dream. Sure, you can see a lot of the United States by car—plenty of people roadtrip from sea to shining sea—but there’s something special about seeing the country… Continue Reading →

The Traveler’s Showdown: Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh

The Traveler’s Showdown: Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh It’s an age-old question (kind of) that’s sparked many an embittered yelling match in bars across Pennsylvania: Which makes for a better visit — Philadelphia or Pittsburgh? Fiercely loyal opinions aside, the truth is that… Continue Reading →

A Foodie’s Guide To Eating Local In Oahu

With an abundance of unique seafood and produce grown in rich volcanic soil (and some deep culinary roots), it’s no surprise that young chefs have been working hard to make the Hawaiian Islands a gastronomical destination. While there are a… Continue Reading →

Traveling With Pets: Making Your Pet’s Hotel Stay Purrfect

When it comes to traveling with pets on vacation, a little research can go a long way. It can be easier than one might expect to bring furry friends along on your trip and keep them happy and comfortable. Before Arrival… Continue Reading →

Beyond Omelettes: 3 Unique Breakfast Rituals from Around the World

Perhaps the only thing better than a delicious breakfast to start the day is a free one, which is why Hipmunk recently crunched some numbers to see where in the world the most hotels include breakfast as part of the… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Lesser-Known Pastries at Paris Patisseries

By: Contributors from the Let’s Go Team Get in, loser, we‘re going pastry shopping. And no, you’re not allowed to get croissants, pain au chocolats, or baguettes. That’s beginner stuff. Branch out a little bit, get some street cred. Here… Continue Reading →

Crossing the Border: A Day Trip To Nogales, Mexico From Nogales, Arizona

For Americans, crossing the border from Arizona into Mexico is easily accessible and worth undertaking. Nogales, Mexico, known as Heroica Nogales in Spanish, is a city in the northern Mexican border state of Sonora. Nogales, Arizona, a city in Santa… Continue Reading →

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